– Three-way full-range system
– 1 x 15GNR horn loaded bass loudspeaker
– 1 x 8AN″ horn loaded mid-range loudspeaker
– M-75N neodymium compression driver
– Selectable biamp/triamp operating modes
– Tight 40º x 30º coverage angles
– Rotatable horn for vertical or horizontal positioning

The SF-158 3-way, full-range system is designed to provide the Sound Force series with a powerful stand-alone solution. A horn loaded 15″ bass, and an 8″ mid range in a bullet-type loading device handle the low to mid range. The M-75N neodymium compression driver provides exceptional high frequency reproduction. The SF-158 can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position thanks to its rotatable mid-high horn assembly. Selectable biamp or triamp operation is possible. Custom colors can be ordered.